Cotter Interactive - Redefining Awesome

October 9th, 2012 | By: Kyle Cotter |

Cotter Interactive has stepped it into overdrive the past couple months. I'm pumped and ready to make something awesome (hopefully for you).

A Revamped Brand


Cotter Interactive now has a new, cleaner logo, to match our desire to create clean, eye-catching websites. Couple this new logo with the Bello Pro typeface, and a brand that portrays simplicity, with a hint of edginess has been created.

Not to mention this was all built with the latest technologies. SVG is quite wonderful.

Business Cards
New (awesome) business cards

I think we've creating a brand that relates to how we build sites: simple, elegant, and fun.

Technologies Used

Of course, I used ExpressionEngine as the content management system of choice. I love SASS, and highly recommend it to anyone still writing CSS "the old fashion way".

Personally, I think the site turned out great, and represents the cool things Cotter Interactive does well.

So, what are you waiting for, get in touch.

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