Telling a Story

Round Table Companies came to us with one goal; tell a story. With a group of contributors who were eager to share, Round Table needed a medium that effectively conveyed the heart and soul of each post.

Our solution? Embrace color, images, and typography.


The foundation of the community is surrounded by movements. Movements ranging from health and wellness to leading with love. While connected, each movement is unique. How do you tie a site together while still establishing boundaries?


Each movement is tied to a specific color, that is carried across site-wide. So, if an article belongs to a movement, it is easily recognizable, without disrupting the user experience.


When you get down to it, the most important part is conveying a story for each post. Using large images to set the tone, and proper use of whitespace to create a distraction-free environment, we let the content shine.

A design shouldn't get in the way. After all, content is king. We give the reader a great experience. The key to that is not being obtrusive with our design language.

Stitching it All Together

The great thing about this project was the number of moving parts that are involved. Showcasing books, merchandise, and promoting user engagement were all goals. All of this while still keeping the content easy to find and read. We display related products, articles, and newsletters all dependent on what article you're reading. Each article is its own unique story. And each component is crucial to the telling of that story.


Of course attention to the user experience was key. This site is fully responsive and caters to a large variety of use cases. Content is easy to find and users are easily engaged with the site.

With a community as great as Round Table's, we were committed to delivering a site worthy of telling engaging stories.